Magic Sphere Valve – Kit Anywhere Deluxe -Stainless Steel


Magic Sphere Valve Stainless Steel – 14 mm Sphere Stainless Steel – Set of Rigid Tubes Stainless Steel -Tube Spring Set Stainless Steel – TOOLKIT Stainless Steel – Drill Cotton Fabric Pouch

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The Magic Sphere Valve Deluxe Anywhere Kit is the most complete kit that can be used as pipe or as bong in different configurations.

The kit consists of the following parts: the Magic Sphere Valve, two small spheres of 14 mm in diameter, a set of 2 rigid tubes, a set of 6-piece spring tubes, a tool kit, some stainless steel fiber, and a cotton drill cloth bag

You can make up your pipe or bong using either the rigid tubes or the spring tubes.

The rigid tubes are stronger and more easy to use than the spring tubes.

In pipe configuration is suggested to use one of the small filter provided in the Tool kit to avoid inhaling ashes.

To use it as bong you need to find a bottle, you do not need to use the filter as the bottle will act as ash catcher.

To use it as downstem on your existing bong you need close the bit tube or the cavity, we suggest to purchase a 6mm bit that will do the job and allow to easily lift the Magic Sphere Valve.  Two people can also smoke simultaneously given some practise to control the flow.

The Magic Sphere Valve can be used as dab carb cap! and you can easily control the amount of air that can flow through.


With a piece of rope you can keep your Magic Sphere Valve attached to your keychain.

This is your deluxe complete inhalation system.



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