Tool Kit – Stainless Steel


Magic Sphere Valve TOOLKIT – 301-H Stainless Steel – 2 Cleaning Rods – 6 Lage Filter – 5 Small Filters

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This Magic Sphere Valve TOOLKIT is made in 301 H Stainless Steel. Each TOOLKIT comprise a cleaning rod for tubes, a cleaning rod for the Magic Sphere Valve that also act as poker, 4 large ashes filters to be used in smoking pipe configuration to prevent ash to be inhaled, 2 large oil filters for oils instant vaporization and 5 small filter to prevent hard concentrate to clog the single hole bowl. When smoking in bong configuration the ashes filter are not used as the water will trap all ashes. With each TOOLKIT we provide a small amount of stainless steel fibers that will be mounted on the tube cleaning rod to act as bristles.

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Dimensions 9.2 × 4.8 × 0.035 cm

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