Magic Sphere Valve – Kit Anytime -Stainless Steel


Magic Sphere Valve Stainless Steel – 14 mm Sphere Stainless Steel – Fabric Pouch

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The Magic Sphere Valve Anytime Kit is for the real adventurer.  Minimalist to the core you will carry only the Magic Sphere Valve with the small sphere valve.

To be used as pipe or bong or downstem you will need to make your own tubes. The easiest way is to roll some paper, after few trials attempt, you will become an expert. The advantage is that you will not need to clean them, after usage you throw them away. You may find a papaya tree and use the petiole of the leaves as tubes, or you may use a small bamboo or a cane or even some type of grass stalk may work as tubes.

Will be up to the situation, is a Zen approach to smoking.

To use it as bong you need to find a bottle.

With a piece of rope you can keep your Magic Sphere Valve attached to your keychain. This is your perfect cannabis travel companion.



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