The Original Magic Sphere Valve

Produced Until 2002, there are only 4000 of them out there and the lucky owners hold a collector piece.
With so many happy customers asking for, was definitely the time to propose the 2020 new model.
Our archived web site is visitable at this address.

This is some of our customers comments:

Kelly an Jen

We absolutely love ours. We bought it to take on vacation. Now everyday is a vacation without leaving the house. Keep it up!
In another comment:
If this device was a car, it would be a 57 Chevy. It is a classic, it is powerful yet simple, and it is a heck value.


What a truly elegant water pipe.  I love it.  I am showing it off to everyone I know.  It’s super simple to use, super simple to clean, and discrete.  I love it.  The small tube can be used as an impromptu one-hitter!  Just don’t suck too hard or you’ll get a mouth full of tobacco!  🙂  Thanks guys!!to make more.

Arild Øien

The magic sphere Valve is the best pipe I have ever smoked on! it is a great pipe!!! everybody should have at least one at home!! TRY IT!!!

Smoking Man

We live in an apartment in a college town. We have various smoking devices but for day to day smoking, the sphere valve seems to have become our favorite. Very easy to clean. It is great for stealth too. Very portable with the key ring hole and the pen.
filler. Most concerts don’t sell anything but bottled water. You see the value….

Mark G.

A novel conception, impressing all who have seen it. A smooth smoke and ease of portability make it the bollocks


I love my Sphere! It is aesthetically pleasing, smokes like a dream and is simple to clean.
I do find that it works better with the smaller 7oz. bottles than the 12oz. because of the weight difference of the bottles when they are 3/4 full of water.
I was also pleasantly surprised that the stainless steel dissipates heat very effectively resulting in a cool mild smoke even with repeated use.

Bruce Bud

It’s not so often that people use their mind, and it’s good to see that some of them do, do with style.
Love and Respect to all the sphere.
Better smoke to fly than drink to drive.

And many more here

The 2020 MSV is smaller, smoother, more precise, it is  manufactured from a solid bar, the tubes are precision seamless.

The 2020 MSV is smarter and comes with the self closing hole that transform the bong feature in a pipe just in case a bottle is not available.
The artisan laboratory where the MSV is produced is in the south of Toscany. Beware of copies,  The MSV as been copied and the quality of the imitation is terrible, please tell us if you find a copy of our product.

Kind Regards

Jacopo Tolja

Via Del Casalino 3, Sorano, (GR) 58010 ITALIA